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Just to let you know that we have noticed a big improvement in Natalia's confidence in swimming in the last few weeks and we would like to continue with her swimming lessons.Thank  you for the extra attention you are giving her.

- Beatriz 

"Great tutors... personalised lessons very well looked after. We started swimming in our first session, having never swam before. Highly recommended"


"My son has been attending classes for over 3 years and has excelled so much with every term. Classes are small and that helps for the teachers to give attention to each child’s needs when needed. Staff are professional, polite and kind. Results are excellent from the start."

- MuhadisaM

"The teachers are good, and consistent and the swimming pool is clean. Happy with the progress my child has made and the confidence she has gained in swimming."

- Rita D

"My daughter does 3 sessions a week. Very professional staff, attentive and all great with kids. Cannot find a better place than this one."
- Amir 

"Trained and experienced staff that love to teach children how to swim. Small group lessons work really well. Children receive full, direct support inside the water from their teacher. This allows them to speed up the learning process. Students are given the correct core elements thrive and become good swimmers."

- Magenta

"On a side note, I take the chance to say a big thank you on behalf of Omar. He loves his swimming classes and speaks about it to all his teachers and friends. He keeps asking every single morning if the day is Wednesday or not so that he goes to his swimming class. "

- Heba

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