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  • What do i need to bring?
    Swim costume Well fitting goggles and swim cap. (Stretch fabric caps are most comfortable for children) All students who are not potty trained must wear a swim nappy under their normal swim wear. The swim wear or Happy Nappy, must fit firmly around thighs and waist to prevent spillage. Happy Nappies may be bought online. Please bring Indoor flip flops to be worn in the changing rooms and on poolside.
  • Is there parking facilities?
    We do not have access to the onsite parking. But there are no parrking restrictions on the road (Clovelly avenue) and surrounding roads (Colindeep lane and parrarel roads) of the pool.
  • How long are the sessions?
    Sessions are 30 minutes long.
  • Are the teachers qualified?
    All teachers are qualified and experienced professionals. In addition they go through several professional development courses in a year. Enthusiasm, patience and kindness together with firm control of the class are highly prized qualities in an Aqua Swim teacher. Qualificaiton include: ASA or STA LEVEL1 and LEVEL 2 together with a SAFETY AWARD and DBS checked. Assistant trainees are used under supervision of a qualified teacher.
  • Are we asscoiated with any international swimming assoication?
    We are associated with the Swimming Teachers Association and the Amateur Swimming Association.
  • Have our teachers had background screenings?
    They have all been DBS checked (Dislcosure and Barring service). They all hold an Enhanced DBS.
  • Why am I / is my child not progressing?
    Regular attendance and practice between sessions is key to progress. Like anything else practice makes perfect. Progress is different between each individual. If the student has a fear of water, even small steps, like sitting on the edge of the pool, spalshing their feet is progress! Patience is required. We do not recommend parents taking their children out of swimming lessons if they are crying. You will only delay the process. Just being at the pool each week will help your child to get used to the enviroment. Teachers will work together with parents and students, as a team, to tailor the class (within reason) to your needs.
  • Why cant i wear my shoes on pool side?
    Mud and dirt from the outside can easily filter into the swimming pool and pool filters. This is extremely unhygenic. Please remove outdoor choes before entering the changing room. We advise you to bring indoor flip flops to wear in the pool facilites. Shoe covers are not provided and are NOT RECOMMENDED as they can easily tear, defeating the purpose.
  • Can Parents or friends watch the lessons?
    Yes most cetraintly! Since there is limited seating please be mindful not to bring a whole team of people.
  • Which changing room should i go to?
    Children of the opposite sex, age 8 and over, must use the correct changing room for their gender. Parents should NEVER be in their opposite sex changing room. A child under the age of 8 should change in the changing room of their parents gender
  • Can i wear jewellry?
    NO JEWELLRY MUST BE WORN BY SWIMMERS UNLESS RELIGIOUS. Watches are NOT permitted, unless they are used to track fitness and are made of rubber with no sharp edges.
  • What do i do if i want to change my lesson time or day?
    If there is space available we permit ONE change during the term. If you would like to change the time for the following term, we advise you to pay and secure your place then after the payment date has passed we will be in a poistion to offer alternative spaces. If we cannot meet your request a full refund for the next term will be processed.
  • Are there any baby changing facilities?
    There are no special facilities for babies. We recommend bringing a changing matt to use on the changing benches or floor. Nappies must be taken home.
  • Do you teach children with special needs?
    If the child is not a danger to themsevles or others and does not require constant attention, we are happy to teach them in a group lesson. Otherwise we will offer a one to one session. In special cases parents have entered the water to ensure the safety of the child.
  • Whats the temperature of the water?
    The pool temperature is 29-30 degress celsius. The poolside temperature can get a little cooler in the winter so we recommend bringing an extra towel to poolside.
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