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Welcome to the Family. 

My name is Tasmin and I grew up surrounded by the swimming world. My mother was a competitive swimmer and established AquaStyle in 1993. At one point or another I was demonstrating stroke techniques for students or assisting the teachers. Chlorine fumes on my mums uniform are very much a part of my comforting childhood smells. 


Although Competitive swimming wasn't for me the skill has opened up so many doors through which I found some of my many passions.e.g Surfing, Kayaking and SUP boarding etc. Most of my weekends are spent by a beach or river. Wherever I can get to from Busy London. 

Thats what I love about swimming, its a building block to so many exciting adventures. Helping others is something that comes naturally to me and is extremely rewarding, it's the driving force behind Aqua Swim. 


I would personally love to welcome you to the Aqua Swim Family. All of our teachers have different strengths, we learn from each other and make sure our team provides help to all types of swimmers on their journey. 

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