It Runs In The Family...

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Aqua Swim was established in1993 as Aqua Style under the management of Margaret Cader (a former Common wealth Games Finalist). Aqua Swim is an addition now run by Tasmin Cader (Margaret's daughter).

Margaret trained in Australia under world famous olympic gold medalist - John Konrad and Olympic coach Don Talbot. 

She accompanied the Australian Common wealth games team and competed in the 8th Common wealth Games in Jamaica where she represented Ceylon (now Sri-lanka).

On her return to Sri lanka she swam in the Indo - Ceylon championships winning over 10 gold medals. She then went on to coach top swimmers in the city and eventually settled in Kandy where she introduced swimming to a hillside community. 

There was great political turmoil during this time and swimming lessons, water ballets and galas became a refuge and inspiration for many during those difficult times. 

In 1992 Margaret came to England to espace the political turmoil and continued her legacy here. First in Surrey then Northwood, Bushey and now Colindale. Shortly after establishing Colindale she retired passing her legacy over to her daughter Tasmin. 

Tasmin was surrounded by the swimming world from a young age. So much so, that chlorine fumes are very much a part of her comforting childhood memories. She was always eager to follow in her mothers footsteps. Customers were always greeted by a 5 year old mirroring her mother, attempting to take charge by eagerly welcoming them to the pool.  

She is grateful to continue the Aqua Swim family, inspiring many to gain confidence and reach their goals.